Why do you think you are not sticking to your Fitness Goals?

People know that they need to be healthy to enjoy the quality of their life. Do you know this, but have not risen to the occasion?

Over the last few years, I have seen people moving up the ladder both personally & professionally. More often than not “the sacrificial lamb” is regular exercise & not working towards one’s fitness goals. Some of the roadblocks, with regard to this are –

Your Fitness conquest is only for Social Media:

If you are guilty of posting a snapshot of a weekend walkathon or sitting on the saddle of a cycle, in your social media circles just for joy and approval from friends & family, then it is time to turn around the tide. The only commitment which works is the one you make for yourself.

Do whatever it takes to stick your neck out to do it every single day of the week. The high you get when you gets loads of appreciation in social media, usually does not last for more than a day. When you do make the commitment for yourself, the focus & clarity from the inside out begins to shape up.

Your close buddies need a Re-look:

It is more than proven that, we are the average of the 5 people we spend our time with the most. It also holds good when it comes to our fitness goals. Step out and look at your inner circle of friends & see if they are stopping you from getting on to an exercise habit. More often than not, it is a fact.

I did go through the same rut & finally made a better choice of moving away friends, who were not disciplined & holding me back in getting to my goals. When you spend more time with like minded people you are more than certain to be influenced. I am extremely selective with the kind of people I spend time with.

You plan to fail:

Yes you read me right; some people actually plan to fail. Most in my opinion, get into an unrealistic fitness goal plan. This is one of the primary reasons as to why less than 10% of people who pay for an “Annual Gym Membership” actually stick on.

There is no one glove fits all solution. For some a gym might resonate, for others a run might juice them up. Working at what is doable & practical for you, is the key when it comes to planning for a long term Fitness goal.

Too many voices in the head:

We are exposed to too many things around us & unfortunately most of these are negative. The problem with over exposure to negative thoughts & energy is that it drains us out. Secondly these feed our thoughts, actions & habits. It will never help you to get to your goals either professionally or personally.

Off late, I come across a lot more people, who are moving away from the morning newspaper & watching news channels. By exposing ourselves to negative thoughts, during the most important time of the day we are to blame in conditioning our thoughts . The easiest thing is to move away and do something more constructive & productive.

When I begin to work with my clients I am more than certain, that they will be slipping up in one or more of these areas. With experience I know how to work around this & help them get to their fitness goals irrespective of their limitations.

Do speak to me for a

“Strategy Session”

if you feel that the above points are impeding you in getting to your fitness goals. I will be glad to speak to you & take it forward.

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