Are You Over Thinking The Weight Loss Process?

When it comes to health and fitness, people do have questions and lots of them. More often than not I do see that people are confused more than ever for the simple reason that there is too much of information out there.

So most, do tend to over think on this process.

When I do say “overthink” I mean at the sub conscious level.Majority are aware that they are compromising on their health and need to do something pretty soon before it does get out of hand. However just over thinking does not help but on the contrary it does more harm than good.

You can however quickly negate this process by following these three simple steps.

Patience and consistency is the game changer:

Lifestyle change is something which does not happen in a day.  Just for a moment step back and see yourself doing the things you are doing which is making you unhealthy. Take a close look at what you are doing right now like

  • Eating unhealthy
  • Not Exercising
  • Substance abuse
  • Negative thinking

Some of these things am sure you would not have picked it over night. Something over a period of time would have made you get into a pattern. So realise that what has take years to become a habit will take some time and effort to overcome.

Most try to work on quick fix it solutions and before they realise they are back to doing the same thing with more vigour. This frustrates them and they do tend to be helpless and overwhelmed.

Once you realise that there is a clear path which can be taken to help you work through this, will put you in a better position to look at solutions.

Keep it simple and trust the process:

Our mind is a complicated entity but it does connect and lean more to simplified solutions. One of the biggest secrets in working towards being healthy is to be active and eat healthy.

Doing this will help more than 75% of the population.  However the challenge is to get to doing this on a consistent basis even if you do not see drastic changes on the outside.

whats more important is that change is happening for sure, for most it will be from the inside. Every good choice you make is positively changing your body and mind on the inside.

It’s only a matter of time before those changes are reflected on the outside. Weaving a healthy lifestyle is in doing things on a consistent basis which is taking you one step closer to your goal.

Make your mind an Ally:

We are what we think and what we think is what we are exposed to most of the time. What I am talking about is your Subconscious mind, which plays a vital role in your wellness journey.

You cannot do any changes before you know how to work on this area. Working on the sub conscious mind is no rocket science, but a deliberate effort to block the outside noises and ignore them.

Once you begin to practise this you are moving towards the direction where the shift in thinking is just round the corner. Results will begin to flow and you will begin to trust the process and enjoy it.

This is what happens to people around you, who have turned over a new leaf in their wellness department. Success does leave clues and this area  is no different.

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Yours Sincerely,

Satish Rao

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