Three steps to a Good night sleep.

Do you stay up late in the night, watching television or glued to your smartphone? No matter how hard you have been trying to regularise your sleep pattern you are slipping back in no time.

In my work as a “Wellness Coach” I come across many people with this issue and we know that,this can develop into some serious “Physical & Emotional” issues if left alone. Even though I too have suffered from a mild case of insomnia, I can just about imagine when people tell me that they cannot sleep for hours together after hitting the bed.

One thing is very clear and that is that no one can help you other than yourself. It all begins and ends with you –

There is magic in consistency:

Anything you tend to do repeatedly, will eventually become a habit. I know you are pretty smart in knowing this, but the reverse is also true. Now that I have got your attention, it is imperative that you find a consistent time for you to hit the bed & get up.

Now keep in mind that this is true for the weekends also, where the most damage is done. By following an erratic sleeping pattern you are resetting your “circadian rhythm” which directly controls your Emotions.

Look at making a 6-8 hours slot everyday to begin with. Anything less than this you are hanging by the wire. With experience I know that with a decent lifestyle, one can be pulling through at the lower limit of 6 hours of sleep.

Get physical:

Now do not smirk & get ideas, even though it is not a bad idea for a good night sleep. I am talking more about being physically active out here. For all of you out there,who can hardly make time to reach home, nothing to despair about.

Even a 10 -15 minute walk around the house will do the trick. The idea here is to ensure that your body produces some endorphins, which will act as a natural sleep inducing hormone.

Some kind of physical activity, will always ensure that you begin to focus on other things and this will to a large extent help you to work on the next point.

Leave your thoughts outside the bedroom:

I am aware this is one of the most common reasons for people not getting a good night’s sleep. Most think about their work or business and some dwell on their relationships gone wrong. Now doing this will not change & help you get to your Eureka movement in bed. It hardly happens that way.

What this does is to help you get into a vicious cycle of over thinking. The easiest thing you can do is to write down 2-3 things bothering you on a piece of paper and leave it outside the bedroom.

It may sound simple, but this act gives your sub conscious mind the order to leave your thoughts outside the bedroom and not carry it with you inside.

The points I have addressed in this blog are what I incorporate with my clients, when they have major issues when it comes to getting a good night sleep. However there is no one size fits all when it comes to techniques to be used @ the Sub conscious level.

Some might work & some might not. However the key is to keep at it and not give up just because you failed a couple of times.

As with everything sleeplessness is an acquired habit & if you have learnt it you can unlearn it as well.

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