Do you use a wearable device? If not, it’s just about time you do it

It’s been years since I started wearing something on my wrist to monitor how physically active I can be. Even though I do follow a decent exercise habit, I wanted to see if I can take this a notch higher.

There is a huge difference in self awareness from the moment I began wearing this device. I am sure you would have guessed it by now as to what I am talking about.

I am not promoting any particular gadget over here but just about sharing my own experience. For someone not used to wear anything on the wrist for more than 2 decades this was not easy. But there is always a give and take in anything.

This wearable device stays on the wrist and monitors every step you take and works with you on your physical goals.

Some of the key differences I did notice post using the device is as below.

There is real-time awareness:

One of the biggest differences  post wearing the device  is that every time I take a look at the screen it does tell me exactly how physically active I have been from the time I have woken up.

When there is real time data literally at your fingertips it does make a huge difference in our outlook. It has done for me and I see no reason why it should not for you.

Helps me dig into my deepest resources:

One of the biggest takeaways in wearing this  device is that it sure does push one to  “step up” literally. When I see that I am half way through with my run or number of steps, more often than not I am inspired to complete the remaining goal I have set for myself.

Physical and mental fatigue is more in the mind and with real time data it can be negated. The other day I was almost exhausted towards end of my 5 Km run, however when the device did remind me on my progress, my state did change in seconds which did help me in finishing my early morning run.

Nudges me gently to keep the pace:

Since this device is worn like a watch, you cannot miss the bright display with reminders. It acts as a virtual “Health Coach” gently reminding you to keep the pace and vibrates right on the wrist to feed with real time data.

Now in a busy day all of us do know how chaotic it can become and the last thing on our mind will be how physically active we are. This to a large extent reminds you gently to be on your feet and be physically active.

Now if you ask me, this is the biggest takeaway from a wearable device.

We all know that 10,000 steps is what it does take to be on a fat burn mode. In a 12-15 hours wake up time it is our ingenuity which can make this happen.

I had this mind block earlier but from the last few years I have been doing consistently 10,000 steps which is about 8 Km every day.

Now I am not advocating doing this kind of activity from day one, but gradually building on it. You are bound to be inspired and see a world of difference in your physical activity.

With hardly any time left for exercise, wearing a wearable device is one of the smartest investments you can make on yourself.

Since this activity is spaced out through the day, you will not be stressed for time and will come out with ingenuity to get to your goals.

In this process, you might just about end up inspiring your family or colleagues around to emulate you. Believe me, there is nothing which can come close to the feeling one gets when people are inspired to do something because of you.

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