Want To Lose Weight? Here’s The ONE Thing You Need to Get Control on before Changing Your Diet or Performing A Single Exercise…

So have you been trying to lose weight and become healthy? Do you find yourself ruminating about the fact that you’ve lost the youth that you once had? Many of the clients that I work with, become stressed and worried when they realize that their current health is poor.

They force themselves to take up strenuous exercise and diet regimes which they are never able to catch up on.

Your exercise and diet regime is something that you do on the external level to improve your health. But what’s on the internal is what creates the external, not the other way around. So if you want to lose weight, improve your health and become as fit as you can be, you have to first focus on the internal components.

Several scientific research studies have confirmed the mind-body connection. Our emotions and thoughts have a far bigger impact on our health than we all realize.

Psychological, Physical and Emotional Stress are only good to a certain extent. For example, when you’re training at the gym, you are actually applying stress on your muscles so they can grow. But when you over-train, you invariably end up injuring yourself. The same is the case with Psychological and Emotional Stress.

Excess stress (i.e. more than what your body can normally cope with) affects your hormonal levels, sleep patterns, will power and makes you to think irrationally. When you’re stressed out to the core, you can feel emotionally helpless and NOT have the power to do anything at all. Your entire life will become a mess if you continue to stay in that state.

Knowing how to deal with such a state emotionally and overcoming it is essential to your health as well as your professional success. Whether you want to shed 10 kgs or just want to exercise to become fit and healthy, it’s important to get your emotions in control so you can persevere till you reach the goal.

With that said, here are 3 tips to help you keep your emotions in control so you can successfully lose weight and become fit the way you want to be…

Admit that you have a problem:

One of the first steps towards successful behaviour change is to admit that you have a problem.Even though it’s quite simple, many people continually struggle to just do this one little thing.If every one of us can openly admit to ourselves that we have a problem and we need to get control over it, the change process would be a lot easier.

Unfortunately, many of us fear admitting that we have a problem because of psychological programming and various other reasons.

If you want to become rich, the first step towards becoming rich is to admit that you are poor. And the same is true with losing weight and becoming fit. Among many of my clients, I have noticed that just admitting they have a problem has helped them get their problems under control in a relatively short period of time.

Own it completely:

Once you realize and admit to yourself that you indeed have a problem, the next step is to own it completely i.e. take full responsibility. Taking full responsibility for the problem we have in our life transforms our thinking entirely… because once you take responsibility for yourself and the problem, you naturally realize that whatever it is that you have done can only be undone by yourself.

You begin to believe that you can undo your past mistakes by making corrections in the present. And it gives you massive psychological power that no drug can give you. As soon as you take up responsibility, you begin to stop draining your energy on uneventful events. Rather, you begin to focus on things that you have control over and begin changing them one step at a time.

So if you want to lose weight and become fit, take responsibility for it. The reason you’re unfit now is because you made bad choices that affected your health. And the only way out is to start making the right choices that will improve your health so you eventually reach your goal.

Yesterday should only be used to improve today:

One of the biggest mistakes I see people making is the fact that they let their failures and shortcomings drain their self-esteem. When anyone of us takes up a constructive goal to improve our lives (maybe to lose weight, start a business or anything at all), we end up failing during certain situations.

Sometimes our will-power fails on us and we end up making destructive choices.

When this happens, it’s important to take your failure as a learning lesson and move on. However, the one thing that I notice a lot of people make is that they let this failure affect them to the point that it drains their sense of worth.

This is where you need to learn to let go off your past and take it only as a learning lesson. Your yesterday’s experiences should only be used to improve who you are and what you do today. You should never let your yesterday’s experiences affect how you feel about yourself and what you want today.

You need to have patience and the willingness to persevere even through failure. In order for new neural pathways to be created, going through a certain amount of failure and struggle is essential. No one can be perfect 100% of the time in your journey.

From experience, I have learned that it takes a minimum of 3 – 4 weeks to override negative habit patterns and to create constructive thought and habit patterns that will fuel you on your journey. So make sure that you are patient and persevere till the new pathways are created. That’s the only way you’ll be able to achieve any constructive goal that you choose for yourself.

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