Want To Perform Better At Work? Then Make Sleep Your Number One Priority

Ever since the Internet took off and corporate culture became a part of our lifestyle, our sleep has been neglected.

We are now sleeping WAY less than what our fathers and grandfathers slept. This in my opinion has made us cranky, impulsive and simply ineffective.

We may be earning more and leading a better lifestyle than our ancestors… but our decision making and overall physical, mental and emotional development is incredibly poor.

Repeated research done over the last few decades has shown that sleep plays a vital role in promoting physical health, longevity and emotional well-being.

And yet we continue to neglect our sleep.

A few years ago, when I was in my corporate job, my sleep pattern was erratic. I always compromised my sleep on the weekdays by working late, watching TV or hanging out with my friends for a night out. I used to tell myself that I could catch up on lost sleep on the weekends.

I’m sure you can relate to this.

There are many people that live like this – continually neglecting their sleep and putting it off because they have something in the moment that’s more exciting.

If you’re one of them, pay close attention here.

Neglecting your sleep is NOT taking you anywhere. It’s making you inefficient at work. No matter how many cups of coffees you down, there will be a crash.

Another problem when you’re low on sleep is that tasks will take a longer time-frame. A task that you can comfortably finish in 30 minutes will take 2 hours.

Since you’re downing coffee and forcing yourself to stay awake, you’ll experience the endorphin high that you usually experience when you accomplish something worthy.

Therefore, you’ll feel satisfied with the work you’re doing and will continue at your pace until the manager knocks on your door and tells you probably  it’s time to go home permanently.

There are also other important benefits associated with sleep that you aren’t aware of. Here are some of the most crucial benefits…

Helps Repair Your Body:

When I say body, I am referring not just to the physical body but also your body’s mental and emotional processes.

As you sleep, your body’s immune system recovers and rebuilds the physical cells and tissues in your body.

At the same time, new neural pathways are being created in your brain to help you think more clearly and make effective decisions. It also helps you regain control over your emotions and restores your willpower.

A good sleep always ensures that the repair work begins from the inside out. We can’t wait until the next day for the repair process to begin. It’s like trying to ride a car in the highway with a flat tyre.

To ensure good sleep every night, you have to learn to make compromises. You need to let go off certain things. And that’s what I’ve done.

I’ve removed the TV out of my room and let go a bunch of things to ensure that I get 7 – 8 hours of sleep each and every night.

Helps Reduce Stress:

A good night’s sleep helps lower blood pressure and reduces the levels of cortisol (stress hormone) in your body. High blood pressure and excess cortisol is life threatening and can lead to serious health problems (or in some cases even death).

When you keep the blood pressure and cortisol levels in check, the ageing process is delayed.

If you’ve ever wondered why some people have young, attractive looks on their faces despite of their age, it’s mainly because of the importance they give to sleep.

Helps You Lose Weight:

When you’re leading a sedentary lifestyle with little or no exercise, it’s extremely easy to pile on pounds quickly. Your metabolism becomes sluggish due to the sedentary lifestyle and when you’re NOT sleeping enough, it becomes even more sluggish.

This leads to faster weight gain. You also feel hungrier when you’re sleep deprived and are likely to eat more.

Helps You Achieve Your Goals:

This may seem like mumbo jumbo but it’s a fact.

When you’re sleeping, your subconscious mind goes to work and processes the data collected throughout the day and re-organize it. This helps you make better and clear decisions the next day.

If you’re looking to achieve your goals and create the life you want, you need to be able to make better decisions… decisions you haven’t done before.

And in order to make such decisions and perform at the highest levels, you need SLEEP. Sleep is what re-organizes your mental cabinet and gives you the clarity you need to go after your goals.

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