What and when you eat does matter for a healthy life

Most of us are bombarded with info about what to to eat for good health. However I will be touching upon something more critical regarding when to eat the right kind of food.

This according to me helps in maximizing the “fat burn” and most importantly in keeping emotional eating at bay.

Over the years, I have worked on things which I put up on my blogs after getting convinced that it does make a difference. If you are following me on my Face book page then you are aware that I share a lot of information on a regular basis as to how to space your food intake and ensure that one does not overeat.

There are some  things which most of the people who are not health conscious are doing.  However it does not take a herculean effort to undo these habits. Some of the things which one can work on  regarding their food intake are –

Eat within 2 hours of waking up: One critical mistake most of the busy people commit is in skipping breakfast within the window of 2 hours of waking up. When you skip breakfast, you lose its stimulating benefits on your metabolic rate.

Eventually I have noticed that this makes one binge eat during the day. This will help the body produce damaging hormones, which plays havoc with both @ the physical & the emotional level.

For some a handful of nuts and a fruit will do the trick of satiating the hunger pangs. See what fits you and ensure that you keep a sharp eye on eating healthy.

Eat for every 2-3 hours: When I suggest this to my own clients or mention this in my Wellness Seminars, I get a lot of chuckles. Most of them say it is next to impossible to make time to eat something, when in midst of long meetings,seminars etc….Well my logic is “if you can make time for the rest room every 3-4 hours then grabbing a quick bite will never be a problem”.

Once you know the consequence of running on empty tanks, then I will guarantee you “that you will be a different person”. Even a fruit or a pre mixed smoothie will do the trick for people, who are on the busy lane at most  times.

Spread your protein: I notice that most people’s diets are loaded with Carbs. However proteins are essential since they are the building blocks of the body, which will aid in burning more calories at the cellular level. However ensure that the protein intake is spread over the whole day.

Stick to the options of natural protein sources like diary, lean meat, nuts and legumes. If you are lactose or gluten tolerant then check my Face book Page for some additional inputs

Focus on your food: With multitasking the norm, many people have developed the habit of eating without being conscious .if you are someone who eats in front of the Television or even read a book, then it is time to focus on what you are eating. It is important to relax while you eat.

In fact chewing for a minimum of 10-15 times per portion, is something I have been consciously trying to work on over the years. Enjoy the texture,the  taste and the smell of the food. Have a sense of gratitude before you begin, which will eventually make a huge difference at your emotional level.

Ensure your last meal is within 2 hours of bedtime: I have been working on this for a long time and eventually have ensured that I have mastered this.The results have been quite striking. Initially  I did find it difficult because my high intensity workouts are in the evening and I would be famished by the time I returned home.

However I have worked around this issue and advocate this very strongly if you intend to work on your health.For people who have noticed me shredded a lot more in the last couple of months this is the one main reason.

As I have said before “Once you know where you are going, you will eventually figure out a way”  Therefore  begin to envision the things and you will be working on most of the things that I have mentioned in no time.

With more and more people leading a sedentary & stressful life, I know that it is natural to compromise on  exercise and eating healthy. However do remember that it does catch up at some point of time. I always say that “It is easier to stay well than get well”

I hope I have made some of you put on  your thinking caps. if you feel focusing on eating healthy is a daily struggle, then do reach out to me through my website www.satishrao.in or on my Face book fan page. I will ensure that you are on the road to good health in no time.