What are your most important Fitness Goals?

When it comes to fitness goals, more than three fourth of the people I come across are confused as to what they want. How will you get there, if you do not know where you are going?Working on your own fitness goals requires a sense of purpose, which will keep you grounded and force you to look at the bigger picture in your mind’s eye. This will help incorporate the physical & Emotional activity, within your life. You can start with the following pointers –

Be in it for the long haul: Remember that your life might not be the way it is now and as you move forward, circumstances will change. When I work with people just like you, I always drive the thought home that one needs to look at overall wellness for years to come.It should be more of a lifestyle change than a stop gap method.

I come across many people who have never prioritised their fitness goals and eventually end up not savouring the fruits of their hard work. Realise that “your fitness” should always  be a lifetime commitment even with your ever changing goals and expectations; it should in help you live a longer and healthier life.

Work on a healthy Nutrition Plan: Nutrition is the key when it comes your fitness goals. This is because what you eat on a regular basis is eventually what you become. Picking on an effective nutrition plan depends upon what is that you are looking for in the long run.However as a thumb rule, focus on eating fresh fruits & vegetables along with plenty of protein and complex carbohydrates.

This is the most basic habit you can incorporate without much of a lifestyle change. How much to consume will eventually depends on your specific fitness goals, which cannot be generalised through this blog. Keep a sharp eye though on limiting your intake of junk food and empty calories.

Work on your flexibility: “This is one key area most people miss out on, especially as they tend to age. When your flexibility decreases, the integrity of your joints are compromised leading to crippling injuries like muscle tears & broken bones. Even though this particular area is difficult to quantify, a good 25 -30 minutes spent on stretching will do you a world of good.

It will be even better if you practise Yoga a couple of times a week. By working on your flexibility, you are ensuring that different parts of your body are on the same page. The biggest takeaway is that it will also ensure that you become that much more flexible at the emotional level,which in the journey called life will pay rich dividends.

Move out of your comfort zone: Following a routine is always a great empowering habit. However once in a while you need to look at pushing yourself out of your comfort zone. It’s always great, to try something that makes you a little afraid. What this does is, that it will help you push the envelope when it really matters.

I always allow myself to get into this zone, be it while lifting weights or in any other physical activity at least once a month. In fact as I am typing this, I am conceptualising doing something radical a couple of months, down the line. “Accomplishing something that you’re not already successful at, is in my opinion the best way to challenge yourself,”

Be specific & work on your habits: Working on specific fitness goals makes it more realistic & practical. Work on developing goals, which are measurable and tangible eventually making it easier to work towards your end results.If you are looking at a drastic lifestyle change then remember, it is always a sum of small specific goals, which you work on consistently.

It’s so very easy to get caught up in the results and what’s going on in front of your eyes. However it is more beneficial, to focus on what sort of habits bring about the results you want. Empowering habits developed through exercise, will lead you to achieve goals in other areas of your life.Which is the biggest takeaway according to me when it comes to focusing on fitness goals.

I am sure you would have picked  some positives, if you have come this far in my Blog. Do share and like this amongst your family and friends, if you feel it has impacted you. As usual I look forward to hearing from you at my mail coach@satishrao.in or on my Face book Fan page.