What do you choose to do from today?

About three years ago, I choose to live my life on my terms and even though it has been a very different life professionally, it has been more fulfilling, satisfying & forthcoming.

Many times when people reach out to me, they ask what made me leave a cushy job in the corporate world and start working with people to help them work on some of their biggest challenges, professionally & personally.

I was sure when I handed over my resignation that, whatever I would end up doing, I was going to stick by  my values, beliefs and desires. When I look back I can say with pride that I have kept up my promises.

However some lessons are always learnt the hard way & sharing them will help you to take the first few steps in the direction you desire.

The only approval you need is your own:  Earlier on I used to look outside for reassurance that I was succeeding. I always felt that I was uncomfortable in my own skin. However today, it is a different matter altogether.I strongly believe & seek my approval to attract the people who appreciate what I offer as a Life & Wellness Coach and only then, work with them.

This approach has made me sign up with some incredible clients with the same set of values and belief structures.

Your desires are what eventually matter:  As a Life Coach it is very easy to see potential clients with just about everybody. However one needs to understand that not everybody is comfortable with change. Therefore having a great potential to make people change, might be not enough but the desire to position yourself in that role is what puts you on a firm footing.

If you ask yourself the right questions, you will eventually get to know your desires. Most times the answers are within us. We need to ask the right questions to get to them.

Pay yourself first:  I am sure to some of you; this may sound selfish but look at it logically. To offer legitimate guidance and support, you must be strong, stable, secure financially and emotionally. This is the key and unless one is in this plane, you cannot step up and put in more than 100%.

The easiest way I did this was, by keeping my materialistic needs very low, creating a positive environment around me and maintaining a healthy mind & body. These did not happen in a day but over the last couple of years. This according to me will put one on a pedestal, to help others selflessly and abundantly.

You might be venturing out to be an Entrepreneur, lawyer, politician or even a Life & Wellness Coach like me. Irrespective of the journey you are about to take, this will play a critical role in going forward.

Cherish the experience: It has not been an easy ride for me and will not be, going forward. However life teaches us in different ways and I am always open to” learn & unlearn” every day of my life.

Over the last couple of years, I have yet to live a day where I didn’t learn something, connect with someone of value or observe the inspiring beauty of a small thing. For that, I am always grateful. These are the small things in life which will be one’s guiding posts and help us navigate this cluttered world.

I am sure you would have begun to think differently if you have come so far in my Blog. How you choose to Live is your prerogative. However if you feel that this is the time & day to choose differently, then reach out to me for a strategy session which is absolutely complimentary.

We can team up together, to carve out a new path in your life’s journey. As usual I look forward to hearing from each one of you  at my mail id Coach@satishrao.in or on my FB Fan page.