What doesn’t kill you, makes you stronger

A Crisis will hit you when you least expect it. Can one be prepared to handle any crisis and come out stronger?

A Crisis can either make or break us. How you manage the whole cycle will eventually make you a better person, at least at the emotional level.If you look for an opportunity to grow, then even the worst crisis will have some insights and learnings.

Some of the things you can do on a proactive note to be battle-ready for any crisis are –

Look Inwards for answers:

Most of the answers are within each one of us and at times we forget this. When dealing with a crisis the first step needed is to ask yourself for answers and introspect.What this does is  open up possibilities and help you lead a more meaningful life.You need to figure out your own path rather than just following someone’s footsteps.

Life coaching works on this principle and always helps the client figure out the best possible solutions from within. Hence it is very effective and long lasting.

Clear the weeds:

When faced with a crisis most of us are conditioned to become more pessimistic & cynical. The least you can do when this happens is to, step back and look at the whole situation through a different perspective – one that is more considerate and which eventually allows you to find a constructive way of handling the difficulty.

This will take some effort but mind you, every empowering habit needs a big push from the inside.Over a period of time you do tend to switch to this mode when faced with. Believe me, it does give an entirely new vision to see through.

Allow yourself to accept, experience and express your emotions: 

Once you give yourself permission to do these three critical things, then the Emotional baggage you have been carrying around will be reduced drastically.

When I was face to face with a technical crisis a couple of months ago, I did these things and began to swiftly move towards figuring out an alternate  solution,rather than be stuck in the victim syndrome.

Remember that I am completely dependant on technology and even a couple of minutes of outages will result in my work coming to an abrupt halt.

Do not isolate yourself: 

Most of the time the cardinal mistake that people make, is to move towards isolation. This might give you some respite in the short run, but plays havoc in your long term “Emotional wellbeing”.

If finding people with genuine interest in your well being is a herculean task, then reach out to Life Coaches like me and quickly move towards building the bridges.Do whatever it takes but do not isolate yourself.

Build on your social circle: 

With technology becoming our best friend, we tend to forget that human interaction can never be replaced. With more than enough research on social networking (actual friends) highlighting the fact that it can help people tide over a crisis,  it is imperative that you begin to mix with people in real, who share your interests.

Just a couple of hours of interaction in a week, has brought about significant shifts in many of my clients over the years. See what suits you and begin to move in this direction.

Believe in your Emotional Flexibility:

Even if you have the practical ability & skills to tide over a crisis, you are bound to falter if you do not believe in this one thing and work towards it diligently.Having faith in your own ability to cope with any situation, will not only put you in a better position but also help you be more practical and dogmatic.

It is just like a tree withstanding strong winds by being flexible. In the same way your Emotional quotient,will become stronger when you give it more opportunity to be flexible.Chances of injury is drastically minimized when one is supple and flexible.

Working on these steps,will not ensure that you will be able to walk through any difficulty that you will face, but it  will make you more resilient and help you weather the storm.I have come across many people who have gone through a major crisis but have come out better, by working on some of the areas mentioned above.

These journey of people like you & me inspires me so much to put my thoughts in words, for some of you to build on in your own life’s journey.I will look forward to hear from you all, in terms of

How you do relate to things around you when crises does hit you hard?

Do you become more stronger or cave in to the pressure?

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