Why breakfast is the first step towards a healthy you

 I have realized that many people begin their day on an empty stomach. They do not give much Importance to the most important meal of the day which according to me is a good balanced Breakfast. When I began to probe more on this, some startling excuses came out in the open like- they do not have time, have got used to having an early lunch or for some very hard pressed for time, a carb loaded wrap and a sugar loaded coffee/tea would be considered a good breakfast.

 The first problem by skipping breakfast is that you are stepping on a self planted landmine, because it means that you start the day with an empty stomach. That means that by the time you are getting into the swing of work, your blood-sugar levels are dangerously low. The result: you need an instant sugar fix which usually means an unhealthy choice with high Trans fat and loads of calories. Most of my Clients over the years succumb to this one critical mistake. I usually work on this immediately to begin with. What does one needs to look at while working on eating good breakfast regularly is –
Have Breakfast within two hours of waking up: Since your last meal would be at least 7-8 hours before, I always recommend that the breakfast should be had within the first two hours of one getting up. The reason is that once the system begins to works on an empty mode then there will be release of unwanted hormones which plays havoc with one’s emotional well being. The mind is a complicated and at times A funny entity. It makes one act weird for many a reason. I am more than convinced that one of the reasons is by not fueling up, you are playing to its biggest vices.
Ensure a Balanced Meal: Most of the people depending on their respective food habits have worked out a healthy option. Work on having some good amount of fruit with a healthy balance of Carbohydrates, proteins and yes healthy fat! It is critical that one focus on a balanced breakfast especially when one has a hectic day ahead of him/her.I for one never begin my day without a healthy balanced breakfast.
Eat slowly and focus on the food: One more thing I have noticed is that people do not relish the time they have when they are having breakfast. It might be even 10-15 minutes but that time is required to have a relaxed breakfast by relishing the flavour, feeling content from the inside and most importantly being thankful . Once this happens your day magically begins to change and it will never be as rushed as you see it now. I am a staunch believer that our day in front of us largely depends on how we begin with it in the first few hours.
Helps you directly lose weight: Yes you did read it right. A good balanced breakfast helps in ensuring one’s metabolism is maintained high and invariably burn more calories. This also helps in ensuring that you do not binge eat when there is an opportunity like a late lunch or dinner. It has been proved through extensive research that a good breakfast helps one in avoiding binge eating during the rest of the day.
There is no one right thing to have for a good breakfast as long as it is not loaded with Trans fat and sugar. What today’s lifestyle is doing is, its making people depend more and more on processed food which can be just put in the microwave and cooked in couple of minutes. No doubt this does save time but what it does to your system is the question I would like to live you with?
Most of my friends, clients and people who reach me across the globe ask me at times as to what is the best option?I cannot say a one glove fits all answer here but usually some fresh fruits,Whole wheat bread and even toss in a few eggs. This should be a pretty balanced breakfast for just about anybody in any part of the globe. For people who are really hard pressed for times a bowl of muesli with milk and a handful of dry fruits (walnuts, almonds, pista) should be the answer.
If there is one area you want to focus on and want to make a change, I would recommend you to work on your breakfast which is the easiest and in my book the most important. I for one live by the logic of having breakfast like a King, Lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. I have been following this logic from many a years and I have seen the difference it has made to my own life. I do not see any reason as to why it will not help you.
I sincerely hope that you would have realized as to why breakfast needs to be given more attention than it deserves and the immense benefits it will have directly on your health and overall wellness. If you do or do not agree with me or have some additional insights on the same, do connect with me on my Face book Fan Page or coach@satishrao.in