Why discipline is the key to be successful

Over the last couple of weeks I have observed that some of the most successful people, be it in sports or in the corporate world have been sabotaging their success. The one glaring common feature I have noticed with people who are striving to be successful and with those who are more than  successful, but thrown it away, is the lack of discipline. I was wondering how one could go about achieving this quality even if you belong to either end of the spectrum……

Discipline is an illusion: It is true that for most of the things we do, discipline is the key component but when you look at it discipline doesn’t actually exist. It’s not a thing which you can actually do. It is something which you cannot feel & the irony is that it is one of  the most important aspects which I see missing in most of the people I come across as a Life Coach.

Distraction: With so many things around us and a deluge of choices, it is just a matter of time before some of  us fall into the all familiar trap which makes us move away from our course. It does take a lot of self discipline to persevere a-midst the various distractions around us and assert one’s will power over casual desires and instincts. It is imperative to channel one’s emotions, behaviors & desires towards obtaining the rewards of success. I have always believed that living a life of self –discipline is that much less painful in the long run than regretting “what could have been”.Somewhere this has been hardwired to me now & i have began to operate at this state more in the sub conscious level.

Being dishonest:  Most people are succumbing to dishonesty. The temptation to lie, exaggerate and deceive in order to move ahead at any cost is what is happening around us. However as we all know dishonesty has an uncanny tendency to sneak back upon us. Over the years I have seen that, True success comes to a person who stands by his/her word and does work with a pure conscience.With things happening around us, we do know that being dishonest can make one successful in a short span of time,but eventually it will make no difference in the end, when dishonesty nullifies  everything else.

Ingratitude: More often than not, most people tend to forget about the contributions of others who have gone out of the way to help us  in our respective journeys. I always advocate the words that “No man is an island”. Many people would have contributed to making us what we are. I always believe that if one can’t experience gratitude then he/she would have stayed exactly where they would have started.We need each other to support us in our journey and by not acknowledging the contribution of family & friends will at some point of time stop us in our track.

Working on being disciplined is not a one way street. It does have many components which I have discussed briefly above. It is next to impossible to be extremely successful and not follow some or all of the above mentioned areas. Being successful is not a trait all of us are born with, However by taking the right steps one can move in the right direction for sure. I do hope that this Blog article has made some of you realise how important discipline is to improve some of the most important areas of your own life. I would be mighty happy to hear from you as to how you have managed to develop a system which involves absolute discipline in most of the areas of your life on my Facebook page or at mail Id coach@satishrao.in