Why do women find it more difficult to lose weight?

Have you been asking this question more often than not and perplexed to find that there no one realistic answer? Well worry not, I get more calls from women, especially on this one particular issue, and will  try & address the same.

When I began to realize that men & women are not only hardwired differently in the head, but also in the way one loses weight, it gave me an entirely different approach towards dealing with women, especially those in the age range of early 20’s to late 30’s.

I say this because a lot of external factors begin to play a prominent role in influencing the weight management of women in this particular age group, which I do not want to dwell on in this blog.

However I am looking at putting across some of my own thoughts wrt to this particular topic, through my own experience by working with women as their Wellness Coach –

Excessive Stress:

Over the years working with some wonderful women,I have realized that mismanaged stress plays a critical role in adding on pounds in a very short time. Moreover succumbing to chronic stress, eventually leads to thyroid dysfunction, a spike in blood pressure, weak immune system and eventually weight gain.

Imagine these teaming up with external factors like sedentary life style, sugar craving and unhealthy eating habits and you get a person just living on the edge. I personally feel that if stress not managed properly it affects both the emotional & physical health of an individual and unfortunately women bear the maximum brunt due to  this one thing not managed well.

Lack of Sleep:

The First thing I notice when I work with clients is their sleeping pattern and if it is a woman I already know where the challenge is. One of the key reasons women find it extremely difficult to lose weight is because they compromise in this department and for some it is always a stretch. Most of the women who are good in multitasking, eventually end up making a hash of a good sleep cycle.

For most of them, it is a shocker when I tell them that lack of sleep influences one to overeat & crave for more junk food. I do advocate however that a power nap in the afternoon for at the least 20-30  minutes reduces the pitfalls to a large extent.

Hormonal Imbalance:

I come across more and more women nowadays with both the factors mentioned above playing havoc with their system and eventually leading to imbalance in the hormones. What this does in simple words is that “eventually affects the way excess fat is managed and stored in the body”.

Also, overproduction of certain hormones plays a crucial role in influencing one’s emotional health, which when not managed at an early stage will lead to other major  Life altering issues. I do hear more women going through the Poly–cystic ovary syndrome nowadays and it is spreading like an epidemic, at least in the part of the country I live in.

I personally  feel that it is the lifestyle which is causing this and nothing else.

Sedentary Lifestyle:

With women balancing more number of things and somehow always putting their comforts at the last, I have seen that they do not have the energy required to be on their feet. Somehow over the years women tend to sit more and the current electronic gizmos give them more reason to justify this.

One critical aspect women tend to miss out on is that by not being on their feet, the metabolism goes down sharply and this plays a critical aspect in weight management especially as women tend to get older.

 There is no one way of addressing these major concerns, which play a crucial role in women piling  on more weight. By getting a grip on these areas, most of my own clients who have been struggling with the above issues and have tried everything for years, have seen some wonderful results in a short span of time.

I hope that if you are a woman you could relate to my thoughts and if you are a man, do make the women in your life read this cause, once you do know where to begin then most of them will eventually figure out their own answers, Otherwise , you can always reach out to us.

I would love to hear from you as to what you do think of the reasons I have mentioned in my Blog and what do you intend to do to overcome the same.

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