Why Earning Trust is a step closer to Success?

Have you been asked this question –  “how can you make people trust you”?Well this conversation came my way when I was interacting with a wannabe life coach who was finding climbing the trust plateau very difficult.

Her question made me think through the weekend and I realised that I would not have come this far as a professional Life Coach had i not worked on building trust with people over the years. All of you know that faith will eventually take you only so far, but what ultimately makes you land at the destination is trust.

Each one of my clients who have seen some incredible results have given me an opportunity to be their Life & Wellness Coach inadvertently “due to the trust developed between us”. Therefore I tried to figure out the things I have been doing over the years which has helped me develop great trust with my past & present clients.

The points given below are things I sincerely believe in and it will help you develop your trust with people who matter to you, be it in your personal or professional life.

Transparency is the first step:

In this new world of information at our fingertips, it is not much of a challenge to be transparent in terms of what we do. Do not understand me wrong when I say transparent. It  need not necessarily mean sharing everything and anything in the open world, but using your judgement to ensure that people can see through you.

This is critical in any relationship be it as a coach like me or probably if you are a struggling parent or even a CEO. When you tend to build walls around,  then at most times people do not make the effort to see through the wall. Just like any other empowering habit, this takes time but it is very doable when you begin in earnest.

Consistency is a step by step approach:

Doing things on a more than  regular basis will ensure that you become consistent. Once people around you  tend to see that you are doing something on a more than regular basis, then they open their trust armour which incidentally happens at the subconscious level.

Working on being consistent in one area will eventually make you consistent in other critical areas of your life and that according to me is the icing on the cake.

Truth always prevails:

Most of the things I write about are to do with my own life, though I always make an effort to relate with my readers. Therefore I always try and put my thoughts down as they are and this has struck a chord with  many people who also take the effort to acknowledge the same.

In this world where all of us are exposed to so much of negativity and mistrust, communicating about my own real stories of hardship, achievement,success and failures has helped  in developing a trust with my readers over the last couple of years.

Prove you are trustworthy: 

Trust doesn’t exist at the outset because people need to prove they are trustworthy. This is the exact reason I spend an hour on a Strategy Call with anyone who is looking at hiring me as a coach. I have also ensured that any client who signs up with me has an option to discontinue with me if she/he wants to back out.

I don’t just say this in words, but also document this to ensure people who come to work with me, with some of their biggest challenges begin their incredible journey with absolute trust and confidence. This according to me is critical, especially when stakes are high and people are making critical life altering decisions.

Working on developing trust is an art, which people can see through if you are not 100% committed. I always believe that once you create a situation where people trust themselves then you are just one step away from walking with them as their trusted ally in this incredible journey called life.

I believe that trust is one of the most important factors in any area of our life and sincerely do hope that each one of you do begin to work on “developing this one aspect”.

As always I would love to hear from you, on trust in this present world and how much of a difference it has made in your own life.

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