Why eating raw food is always a healthy choice

Have you eaten raw food at times & felt more energised at the end of the day?Well in this case I am talking of raw vegan food and sorry to disappoint some of you, it is not about Sushi.

I have been working on including more raw foods like fruits, vegetables and legumes over the last couple of months, to see how my body responds and can already feel the difference. I go completely raw, post 1800 hrs right now and eventually would love to improve on the percentage of my food being raw during the course of the day.

Eating cooked & processed food is something which is ingrained in each one of us from a very small age. Just like working on breaking any particular habits which I have written over the years, it takes time & persistence. However over the last couple of months I have worked on ensuring that at the least one meal is completely raw and given below are the amazing results I have noticed  –

More energy: You will know what I am talking when you include more raw food in your menu. As some of you know by now, I exercise only in the evening and have completely shifted to eating raw food post my exercises. This has completely altered my energy levels because I include a couple of  fresh fruits and dry nuts in the last meal plan of the day.

I have noticed that my energy levels have increased by a few notches over the last couple of months. Try this and you will be singing the same tune in no time.Also if some of you do remember me shredding a little more over the last couple of months  is due to this one reason alone, other than of course change in my workouts.

More clarity in the head: Well one thing I am sure of is that my thought process has changed once I have begun to eat more raw food. You can put that down to the increase of antioxidants in the food.Also anything raw when it comes to fruits & vegetables, does seem to have more nutrients and life in general in them.The body does respond “especially the thinking” when one increases the intake of fresh fruits and vegetables is what I have seen in myself and also with some of my own clients.

For once you can eat more: Well have you come across anyone falling sick due to overeating fresh fruits & vegetables?. The logic is that if you are a big eater, try eating fresh cut vegetables and fruits. I will guarantee you that you cannot not overeat. In case you do so then rest assured that you will not feel like a pregnant duck.

Some days I know that I do tend to overeat but since it is raw food mostly I do not beat myself, knowing that it will not derail my calorie intake by much.

You can play your role as a Greenpeace activist: This will help if you are on the lookout for wasteful energy usage like electricity, cooking gas & fuel. By eating raw, at the end of the evening you will play a small role in ensuring that we are paying our dues in reducing the carbon footprint.

So on hindsight eating raw is also being more socially responsible right.Yep I will proudly wear  this tag anytime.Any small effort from each one of us to leave this place better is a positive step in the right direction.

By the way, I never would want to advocate that someone move on to a 100% Raw food diet. See what suits you and move on in a step by step process.  I am progressing from being an omnivore to a vegetarian right now  and then look forward to being a complete vegan in the near future.

Look at an option of increasing the raw food percentage gradually  and you will notice immediate results for sure.

As always I would love to hear from you as to what your thoughts are on the raw food meal plan. Do you practise it and have seen similar  results? You can reach me at my mail ID coach@satishrao.in or my Facebook Fan page.