Why Motivation is not just a 10 letter word?

Do you feel motivated in some areas & the exact opposite in other areas? Well do not fret,I come across lot of people who do find themselves with the same predicament.

Motivation is a state of mind and I believe that one can press the right switch, by working on things around it. Just imagine “How your life would be” if you are absolutely motivated in all the areas of your life and find your greatness. Some of the ways by which one can ensure he/she is always motivated are –

What do you really want:

Well does this sound funny? Well, do not be surprised. When I ask this question to people most of them are vague in their answers and sadly do not know as to what is that they really want.

Once you are clear in the head in this one area, I will guarantee you that your vision will begin to become that much more clear.

Do yourself a favour and ask yourself this question,spend some time in solitude in contemplating on this one  area & in no time you will be answering it as well.

Identify what’s holding you back:

Most of the time, one tends to live a compromised life because of something or in some cases someone holding you back. Now both of us know that both the scenarios are of our own undoing and nothing else.

Once you get a grip on what is holding you back, then it is that much more  easier to move forward, towards being truly motivated.I have seen some amazing shifts with my own clients, once they get a grip on this one area.

The transformation process is truly magical from this altitude.

Take the first step: 

As in any endeavour, it is always the first step which according to me is the most difficult. However the Real shifts which begin to take place at the sub conscious level, is something to be experienced by one and all.

While coaching clients I always wait with bated breath for the first few steps and the joy is very similar to new parents watching their child take the first few steps. Once the first few steps are taken, then one needs to ride the momentum and that is exactly what a Life Coach like me will help facilitate.

Enlarge your vision: 

Once this is in place, then it is time to condition the mind by seeing yourself doing the things you always wanted to and experience the process in as much real time as possible. Remember, the mind does not know the difference between what is real and what is imagined.

Therefore by working at the subconscious level  you are seeing the things which you always want to do and in the process creating the neural pathways for the mind to follow.

Hire a Life Coach:

Working with a Life coach will ensure you are inspired, motivated, empowered & most importantly accountable. Your life coach will take you beyond just motivation, to discover what’s really holding you back and why you’re procrastinating.

Finding the right one is not very difficult and incidentally “I am one”. Working with one will ensure that you do take your Motivation to the next level which will completely transform, your life beyond your imagination.

I am so inspired when I do see my own clients motivated  and move in the direction of some of their biggest goals.This is when I realised my “MOJO” which always  keep me going.

All of us at some time, including Life Coaches like me will lose out on being motivated all the time. However some of us do bounce back pretty fast whereas some go through the experience and begin to experience the “frog in hot water” syndrome.

However, I am certain that one does not need to be in the state of not being motivated. It is a choice each one makes. I will challenge you to take the reins in your hand and step up towards being absolutely motivated to Live the life you deserve.  It is just one life we all have and it is our duty or Karma to live & make the best & most  of it.

I hope that I have inspired some of you to work on being motivated and begin the journey.

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