Why Weight Loss is the easier part of the game.

When it comes to being healthy, there are two schools of thought – one belongs to those who find it difficult to lose weight and the other who find it difficult to maintain the lost weight.

When you begin to work on your weight management, there will come a time when most of you have to switch on to the maintenance mode. I am currently in this mode and need to switch gears sooner rather than later.

Weight maintenance is not “Rocket science” but a careful understanding of how our body reacts to the environment. To begin with you can work on –

Have a plan in place when you fall off track:

One thing is certain, when it comes to being disciplined with food, is that most of us are bound to go off track at some point of time –  be it the holiday season or the wedding of a close one. Therefore it is imperative that you have a workable plan in place before this happens.

I have learnt as a “Wellness Coach” that having a plan in place, will prevent inevitable mistakes from spiraling out of control. Remember to stick to whole foods and get back on track asap. It is as simple as this.

Make Motivation an Inside out factor:

As a wellness Coach, I always work towards making the client develop a habit of being motivated from the inside. My primary objective is to create an image of them being happier, confident and personally satisfied.

When I look back over the years, most of my Clients who are still eating healthy & being physically active, have done so because they have focused on their motivation from the inside & not depended on any external factors or the environment.

You will always be pulled towards your health Goals, when you are motivated from the inside.

Manage your Emotions:

Your emotions play a critical factor when it comes to managing weight. Over the years, I have seen many people who use food as a coping mechanism for dealing with stress, fear or even unhappiness in a relationship.

There is always a better way to deal with your emotions and the first step is always finding out the “Emotional connection” to food. Once this is identified (usually takes me a couple of weeks to pinpoint) then it is imperative, to work on an action plan to deal with it & not allow it to overcome you.

Consistency is the key:  

Being consistent is what separates the wheat from the chaff and it is the same for maintaining your optimum weight. Healthy eating & regular exercise, needs to be like any other daily routine activity like brushing our teeth.

Remember that a couple of months of focus, determination & hand holding will get you losing weight for sure. There are no two ways about this. What matters is that losing weight is not the end of the journey. In fact I consider it as a beginning.

Maintaining this through your life, is what makes the difference to the quality of your life.

Most of the things I have mentioned above are what I focus on with my Clients, who sign up with me if their priority goal is to lose weight & change their lifestyle. If you have guessed it by now, most of this work, happens at the Subconscious level. The roadmap for the same is created in my Coaching sessions.

You can see if my approach suits you, by signing up for a complimentary “introductory call” and then always decide to take it forward. As always I will look forward to hearing from you on my mail Id coach@satishrao.in or on my Face Book Fan page.

Do take some time & help me reach out to people in your circle. It might be the missing key, for someone out there,to open many a doors.