Your Willpower And Self Control Can Be The Gamechanger

There is no Secret to massive Success. All of us do know that doing something which you are passionate about on a consistent basis with absolute focus will eventually get you to your big goals. However, this is what goes missing with most of the people at some point of time in their life.

Over the last decade, I have worked with people who were brilliant but did not have the consistency to go for the long haul. I have also had the privilege to work with extremely successfully people who had lost the drive to push themselves or their teams to a higher level. All these boils down to not having the required willpower and self-control to go the extra mile.

What I am about to share with you over the next few hundred words is the knowledge gained over the last one decade as a Professional Life Coach & working with people in this very specific area.

Whether you wish to be in the corner office within the next 12 months or leave your high paying job (like me) and take the leap of faith or just about become physically or emotionally fit does require some work to develop your will power and self-control.

Using the proven techniques described below will certainly help you move in the right direction. The question as always is – Are you ready for the ride????

First thing first, it is to know what works and what does not. I always tell this to my clients “Will power is just like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it becomes. Take my own example. When I was working in the Corporate world just like you, I was a chronic smoker and just like every other smoker I believed that giving up smoking was next to impossible.

However, once I decided to move in the direction of what I wanted to do in life, it was that much easier for me to give up smoking and it’s been a decade for me as of today and I haven’t touched a cigarette or better not even felt the urge once.

The reason I am telling you this is not to brag about anything but to just let you know that if I can do this, then you can too in any area of your life. If you know how the will power muscle does work, then it will be that much easier to change your belief structure.

Will power is nothing but the response to one reaction. All these things do happen in the brain and it is extremely important to know what to do and not to do to increase or deplete your will power. There are quite a few things which you can do actively on a consistent basis to work on your will power which I will just about explain.

Most of the people do think that having an infinite supply of will power is possible. However, I would rather disappoint you than lead you in the wrong path. No one can have an infinite supply of willpower. Just like any other habit, it is very much finite and we can only dig into it at some time during the day.

The art is to know when you will be good and bad at it. A little knowledge of how the human brain does work goes a long way in working around this. For example, if you are using the energy of the brain in getting angry, stressed and distracted then I will guarantee you that you will have hardly any space left to add in willpower to the list.

The more you remove the energy draining activities the more you end up giving yourself a good enough chance to become stronger in the will power area. You can hit the ground running by focusing on these areas to begin with.

Stress Is A Ticking Time Bomb

If you are always stressed out, then it is imperative that you begin to work on it now. Even though you have heard of all the serious issues which stress can drive an individual into, what is always on the top of the list is that it depletes your will power and you will hardly have any energy left to encash your will power muscle.

What this means is that you will eventually compromise in the area which does matter to you the most. This, in my years of working with people has more than convinced me that the damage can at times be irrevocable.

So, there is not much you can do other than take on unregulated stress head on now. You can use this Blog article 5 Step Process Guaranteed to Override a Stressful Situationto work on your stress level.

There is also this brilliant video by Ted-Ed which showcases the effect stress has on us psychologically.

Restful Sleep Should Be Your Priority

One of the most common mistakes high performing executives and entrepreneurs do commit is compromising on their sleep. There is more than enough research and evidence to prove that if you do compromise in this one area, then it does begin to affect all the other areas drastically.

Two cardinal mistakes most of the people are guilty of are

  1. Having an irregular sleep pattern. Some over sleep during the weekend or at times even during weekdays. This does affect the circadian rhythm of the body
  2. Compromising on the duration of sleep drastically and doing other unimportant activities like spending time on social media/watching late night television or even just browsing the internet.

Once you fall into either of these traps then, it is a vicious circle and often I have seen that the willpower and Self-control areas are compromised drastically. The reason is very simple and a no-brainer. Human body does need anything from 6.5 – 7.5 hours of restful sleep to perform at an optimum level and anything less or more than this means you have scope to improve for sure.

Ten Minutes Of Meditation Can Do A World Of Difference

One of the easiest of the activities you, as an individual can do from today is to meditate for at the least Ten minutes a day. Come on, don’t tell me you do not have any time during your 24 hrs. to practice the habit of meditation.

In fact, more than 80% of the Top C level executives whom I have been interviewing for my upcoming book High Performance Alchemy do practice meditation and swear by its immediate benefits.

By working on your meditation, you can negate the unregulated stress to a large extent and strengthen your emotional muscle. You can refer my blog article How to Make Meditation A Daily Habit.

This value-adding video by Scientific American focuses on the benefits of meditation and what it does to our brain.

Regular Exercise And Eating Healthy Is Worth Its Time In Gold

I am a big believer of regular physical activity and eating healthy. Why I am stressing both these areas together is that they go hand in hand. If you do one and neglect the other one then there is no benefit.

However. when you begin to consistently work on both the areas, then you will be amazed how some of the challenges you were struggling with from many years will just be a breeze to walk with.

What I do suggest to all my clients is the KISS(Keep It Simple Stupid) strategy. Do not complicate things and just 15-20 minutes of any physical activity to begin with is a good place to begin. Some of the most effective and proven steps I do suggest to most of my clients is

  1. Be on your feet for at least 2-3 hours in a day
  2. Do some kind of physical activity for 15-20 minutes 5 times a week
  3. Drink at least 8-10 glasses of water
  4. Have a healthy breakfast within 2 hours of waking up
  5. Ensure you never go hungry for more than 2-3 hours at a stretch during your day time.
  6. Have at least 2-3 servings of fruits and vegetables a day
  7. Ensure your last meal of the evening is at least 2 hours before you hit the snooze button

Did any of the above-mentioned steps look complicated? No … right? Therefore, I call it the KISS strategy. Once you begin to incorporate this in your daily life along with the other points mentioned above, you will notice some massive shifts in your thoughts process.

This is guaranteed to work on increasing your will power and self-control. Remember that we are what we eat. So, if you believe in eating whatever you can without a second thought, then that is how your body responds. Once you work on a plan then, you will surprise yourself in no time.

I personally teach these powerful techniques as a Full Day Strategic Intervention or a Group Coaching Intervention for your core teams. I do believe strongly that each one of them in your respective teams do want to become a star performer.

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