Work on a productive overdrive

Do you often feel overworked, overwhelmed and overloaded? Most of the people who are not able to manage their time and personal productivity, go through this learning curve. With Multitasking being the new buzzword, this is bound to get worse.

I have been receiving calls and emails from people, on this particular challenge more than anything else  off late.People who are extremely productive and manage their time well are no different than most of us.The only key area they focus on is doing things better. Over the years working with people as their personal Life & Wellness Coach  has made me realize “that being productive is a state of mind” and like everything else, it can be learnt through a step by step process. These are –

Look at less, not more: 

When I state these words during my coaching calls, I am at most times not understood clearly. Well there is nothing more simple than prioritizing and this is where most of the people slip up. Even today, I make it a point to collect my thoughts and write them down to ensure that I know my priorities clearly at the beginning of every day.

What this does is that, it gives the brain a sense of direction and a path to follow.Once I am clear in my head as to which are the most important things I can work towards it.This no doubt, over the years played a big role in making me more productive.

Measure your own work:

Unfortunately most of the people tend to compare themselves with people around them. This gives rise to a false notion and does nothing but increase the anxiety level.Look at working to your strengths and see what is the best possible effort you can give in the present situation.Be realistic and practical and over a period of time you will know when to step up.

Be disciplined:

When it comes to being more productive, nothing can happen if there is no sense of discipline. This is one of the most important traits to develop, if you want to go places.Even though it has been years since I have worked for someone I always make it a point to log in and log out at the same time of the day. Being disciplined over the years, has also positively influenced the other core areas of my life,which feeds on each other.

Work from home: 

As mentioned before in my Blogs I work from home, even though my office is just a floor away. By doing this I make use of the non commute time to the best of my ability.Working from home can be utilised to focus on the core things you always wanted to do, but was not possible @ work due to so many distractions.

Many clients of mine work a couple of times a week from home and make use of this time amazingly well to be more productive.In fact some of the people whom I know, look at the days they plan to work from home as their most productive days of the week.

Don’t make excuses:

One of the traits I have come across with super productive people is that they never make excuses. They see creativity as the result of their effort, not inspirations.They keep moving forward irrespective of any setbacks & learn as they forge ahead.Super productive people are never born with these above mentioned traits, but over the years have developed them.

It is never too late to begin on this incredible journey of being super productive be it at home, work or even in your social setup. Being productive brings in a sense of purpose and satisfaction at the end of the day.Every day of mine is filled with so much purpose, that it would have never been possible, if I had not worked on the above mentioned steps on myself, over the last few years.

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