Work on your body to improve any situation

Are you stressed out due to situations around you and feel that you are walking through a minefield most part of the day? Well at most times when you begin to work things from the inside, you give yourself a better chance for the external situation to improve.

It might surprise you that most of the external situations I come across with my clients is due to their internal representation. Unless one takes ownership & begins to work on this, then there is hardly going to be any forward movement. What I  mean by internal situations is being healthy at the mind, body & soul.

Over the years, I have  worked on these three areas diligently and have seen great improvements. This area of self improvement needs to be worked on a consistent basis to improve on one’s mind,  body & soul. Some of the ways to work on this area are –

Stimulate your mind: One area which does take centre stage, when it comes to improving the overall situation is to regularly stimulate your mind and nothing can come close to regular bursts of meditation. The reason I have used the word burst here is that meditation is not something to be done for hours (in this context) but for a couple of times a day in bursts of 5-10 minutes.

Recent research has proved that it activates parts of the brain which plays a big role in one’s emotional well being. I can confidently say that over the years, it has made me dwell into the deepest part of my own sub conscious mind, to find the answers to some of my deepest questions. Kindly refer my previous Blog on Meditation to begin small and in no time, you will thank me for helping you take this journey.

Stimulate your body: Eating healthy & regular exercise has more than convinced me, that it helps in stimulating the body in such a way that it has direct effect on the way we manage our external environment. This not only improves the overall quality of your life but also plays a major role in helping you process better the information at the Sub conscious level.

Through  regular exercise you are conditioning your muscles (depending on what you choose) which makes it easier  to condition the mind and the thought process. By eating healthy you are feeding “one of the most powerful systems” in the world with rich nutrients to help it be in peak condition.

Do you fill up your flashy automobile with adulterated fuel knowingly? I can guarantee you that nine out of ten people  will reply in the negative. Well if this is the case with just a materialistic thing, why can’t it be followed when it comes to your own body.

Stimulate your Soul: I am sure this will surprise many of my regular readers, since you would have found over the years, my articles never addressing anything religious. However when it comes to our soul, it is a different thing that I am talking about and it has got to do more at the metaphysical level. One of the easiest ways to connect with your soul is to “Live with an attitude of gratitude”.

Begin small and be compassionate towards people. Do things for others, not expecting anything in return. Trust people (not blindly) and be open to situations in this world. Always be ready to help someone. There is always more than enough opportunity around for each one of us to begin with. Once you connect with your soul,  it is magical and the universe gives back more than you give to others. this I say this with experience and not hearsay.

Improving your life is a journey, which can be a wonderful story for others to emulate. The choice is always yours to be taken. I see many gifted individuals throw away their wonderful careers, life and years of effort in a minute of not having self control. if they had worked on the areas I have mentioned above, they would have given themselves a fighting chance of overcoming the situation &  fulfilling their true potential..

Most of my Blog articles resonate the deep interaction I have with my clients during my weekly coaching sessions. I hope that these words would have impacted each one of you. I would love to hear your thoughts on the above and will look forward to hearing  from you, on my email id or at my Face book fan page.