Work on your Endurance & Stamina

Your endurance & stamina will go hand in hand, if you want to improve your health quotient. In my opinion working on these two factors will not only help you in your wellness area but also in overcoming  your limiting beliefs.

If you are on the way to a healthy lifestyle this year, then making small changes to your workout to increase your Endurance & stamina, will do you a world of good. The first two things which come to mind in this regard are usually  cardiovascular activities like running and cycling long distance.

However as usual there are more than enough things that each one of you can do if you do not enjoy doing the same thing for a long time. Some of the areas you can focus on going forward irrespective of the level you train at are –

Routine is boring:

Our body is so evolved that it stops growing if you do not change regularly  the way your muscles work. Working on changing a regular routine is “critical” if you are looking at building on your endurance & stamina. I see people doing the same exercises even months after they hit the gym.

In my opinion our muscles will lock on to a memory in 2-3 weeks. Therefore look at switching your routine – say if you are a regular runner, switch to cycling or vice versa.

Partner strength & cardio days:

Most people reserve one day for strength and another day for cardio. Try combining the two instead. Simple logic works here. The more muscles you can get working in your time at the gym, the more it will end up challenging your heart & the cardiovascular system.

The easiest thing to do is to have some days of the weeks where you end up doing both.I do this a couple of times a week. However based on your fitness level, you can look at incorporating this at the least once a week and then move up gradually.

The ideal thing to do will be, to have a cardio session like a fast run in middle of your lifting session, before getting back to the routine. When it comes to seeing explosive growth in your fitness it always makes sense to keep your mind guessing.

Sacrifice break time:

On an average most people tend to take anything from 90-120 Sec of rest and this will increase if you end up talking instead of lifting. Focus on this and reduce it by half, to quickly get back to your exercise mode. This will activate the fast twitch muscle, to the maximum and will guarantee you long lasting results.

Look at selecting 2-3 exercises with minimum breaks and doing it in one go. By the end of the regimen, you should be breathing hard and sweating (yes even if the gym is Air conditioned). My average break time in the last couple of months, has been around 25-30 seconds and you will be surprised when you know the amount of time I spend inside the gym.

Work at a fast pace, high intensity:

With weights, there are so many variations that you will never get bored. However by lifting at a good fast pace, you will not only improve your strength but also ignite your metabolism. High intensity exercise with some peppy numbers will ensure you go home or to work in a great state of mind.I always look upto a lifter’s high,if you do know what it is though.

I am sure you have understood the pointers above. For others, who feel this is for the gym rats, you cannot be more wrong. The things mentioned above is something even the first timers  can practise,  in order to see some  amazing results not only in your physical, but also Emotional Transformation.

As always I would love to hear from you,if you did find these thoughts useful & if you also have any questions pertaining to working on your own strength & Endurance  at my mail Id or on my Facebook  Fan page.