Work yourself towards healthy aging

Do you assume that you are too out of shape, sick, tired or just too old to exercise & in the bargain avoid it completely?

Well most think like this, even in their mid 40s & 50’s.As with everything age is only in the mind and nothing should stop you from committing yourself to a regular bout of exercise.You can increase muscle strength, preserve bone density, improve balance and your overall health at any age.

However only a combination of regular exercise and sensible eating, can help you achieve this. Therefore don’t let your age scare you away from the gym. Some of the tips mentioned below can be helpful in beginning your journey towards healthy aging –

Stretching & work on your Balance:

Regular stretching will ensure blood flow to the muscles and will also loosen your tendons. As we age, our body tends to get supple. With a predominantly sedentary lifestyle we take longer to start up or wind down. Flexibility will keep each one of us away from injuries and this comes from regular stretches & balance exercise.

Hence this is one of the reasons I strongly recommend Yoga, at least couple of times a week. Yoga incorporates stretching & balance in most of the variations. I personally do it at the least 4-5 days a week and the long term benefits are obvious.

Find a workout partner:

Working with a partner, will always ensure that you keep each other motivated and accountable. In fact I will challenge you to see if you can team up with someone younger who can do your workouts a world of good. This will help you stick to your exercise program & create new neural pathways in your brain which will make you enjoy exercise.

Two is always better than one. Do drop by your local gym and see if you can team up with someone.For those in Bangalore you can reach out to me and we can at the least team up twice a week when i run outdoors.

Add strength training & Eat healthy:

While cardio exercise is vital to long-lasting health, it’s the strength-training that helps you regain strength and improve metabolism, especially as we age.  You burn calories for that much longer after strength workouts. Strength training will also help you to strengthen your bones and cartilages, which will drastically reduce injuries due to brittle bones. This is predominant in the Indian Context.

With respect to eating healthy it is a fact that most people do not know where to begin and devise a healthy meal programme. Moreover they do not have a roadmap to go beyond a couple of weeks. This is one of the reasons you need to team up with a professional who can customise the whole thing to your need.

You can drop by my website and connect with me for a “Free strategy session” to take it forward. I will be more than happy to work with you, on your Wellness Goals and also help you reach your health goals.

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