Your Health is always in your Hands

What is the answer you get when you ask yourself, how healthy are you? Step back & ask yourself this question. It will take less than a minute.

The reason I am touching upon this topic is that a recent survey a week ago has thrown up “shocking insights” on the quality of a working woman’s health.

I am experienced enough to state that our body is more than equipped to take the daily assault which we get exposed to everyday – be it in the form of Stress, sleep deprivation or even substance abuse.

The biggest weapons within each one of us are our thoughts, feelings & beliefs that originate from our mind. By working on this aspect, I am certain that we can turn around the tide. Some of the ways to begin are –

Believe you can & you will:

Most of the people who want to be healthy do not believe that they can. Surprised! Well I too was when I heard from people across different genres,that with so much of time spent on commuting, work and family there was no time left to even think of being healthy. Remember there is always time.

When you begin to believe that it is possible to manage stress, lose weight or even be in shape for a marathon round the corner you are on the way towards living it. That is why, the Placebo effect is so powerful in a medical condition.What you believe in the mind can be made into a reality against any odds.

You know your body the best:

With so many advances in technology, each one of us can know our body better.  Take time out on a daily basis to communicate with your mind & body. Intuition (sixth sense) has recently been proved, to be the strongest amongst the senses. Work on encashing this by focusing on your thoughts and communicate with yourself.

You will be surprised to know, how your body will begin to respond in no time. I remember working with a client,who was suffering from Acid reflex over many years & nothing bought him relief. However when he began to work on the above, it disappeared to almost nothing.

Work on your pressure points:

All of us have situations, people or circumstances which eventually trigger the reactions within us. Usually when I begin to work with people, I focus on this one area extensively. More often than not, it is just a couple of them.

The moment you face them & begin to take control of the situation, it will improve for sure. Not convinced – “well try on one of the situations over the next few days” and let me know.Pick on one thing, which is causing the trigger and begin to work around it.

 Develop a support structure:

No Man/woman is an island. We all need people around us who will be equal partners, be it in personal or professional life. You need to figure out a way to develop a structure, to have people who can be optimistic, share your positive beliefs & see you as an equal partner.

Do not worry if it does sounds like a Martian – Alternately,You can just sign up with me, to help you get to your “Wellness Goals” by working through the structure mentioned.

Whether you are an individual or a group of people working towards health goals you can see amazing results when you walk the journey with someone who is passionate & dedicated. Do feel free to Sign up for a “Free Strategy Session” to know more on how we both can team up to help you or your whole organisation to walk the healthy road & turn the tide around.

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