Can Individual Transformation Help An Organization?

Many clients have come to me for coaching in the past. Their common expectation is “I wan’t to contribute more to my organization but am not able to. I work really hard but it’s still difficult to meet my targets.”

When I dig deeper, it more or less comes to this – you cannot build an empire without a strong foundation.

You, as an individual need to be really strong – physically and emotionally. Without ensuring this, contributing for the organization is a far cry.

You, being technically strong is just one of the factors which does result in your success. When you learn to manage yourself, you will automatically fit into the organizational flow which then results in organizational success.

Below are some of the areas which you can work on to become your best version.

1.    Find Your Strength Finder

Firstly, there is a common misinterpreted belief that if things do not go well in Corporate, jump into the Entrepreneurship wagon. No! It does not work that way.

I would suggest – if things do not go well, first introspect yourself and explore what your strengths actually are. Once you find out where your actual strength lies, you can definitely contribute better to the organization. Your confidence will also grow step by step.

Secondly, work on your inner strength ie your belief system. The stronger it becomes, the better you will be able to face the challenges ahead.

One of my previous blogs could probably help you find out what’s stopping you from becoming better.

2.    Invest In Your Physical Health

One of my clients used to reel under health issues often. On most of the days, she could not focus much on her work in the first half due to severe headache. This had become a routine and this did affect her performance badly.

Take my own example. There was a time when I used to be overcome by fatigue. It had affected me so badly that it brought down my commitment considerably. My office used to be in the third floor. If the lift did not work by any chance, I would not have the stamina to climb the stairs back then. I used to head back and work from home. It was only after I made a serious commitment to turn my health for the better that I started improving.

You, being healthy, energetic and fit is certainly in your own hands, no one else. It may not be possible to take a 2-week break at once and head to a Naturopathy Centre. You can therefore start small and work on a daily basis by focusing on 3 aspects which are totally in your control – exercise, food intake and meditation.

This video from Scientific American clearly explains the benefits of meditation and how it changes the human brain.

3.    Invest In Your Emotional Well-Being

Emotions do play a huge role in your professional life. How long can one rely on “If I get a good manager, my professional life will be awesome!”

Hold on … If you get a good manager, only that certain period will be good. Later, what becomes of your professional life? The path may not be rosy always unless you do work on your own emotional strength, nurture and strengthen it.

Practice letting go of your negativity – doubt, anger a sense of non-fulfilment, diffidence, jealousy, complaining and so on …

One of the prime reasons which does bring down employee performance is lack of focus on the job in hand. This , more or less happens due to distractions. One of the major distractions is digging into the past. Your personal baggage, if any does take a huge toll on your emotional health and inturn affects performance drastically in the negative.

Invest 5 minutes of your time daily to burn the negativity. Take a piece of paper. Write down what is actually bothering you too much – 2 or 3 main points, burn the paper and see it going in smoke. Do this on a daily basis. It helps to let go of the past baggage by working on the subconscious level. You can thereby shed the baggage and focus on your day more positively.

4.    Invest In Life-Skills

Each of you do come from different backgrounds with a different kind of upbringing. Some may be lucky enough to have a strong academic backing which makes them very confident while others may not be so. Each of your mind-sets may be different. The point here is not comparing with others but only on the goals that matter the most to you.

Take the example of let’s say, Kiran. He was a technical genius. However, something in him stopped him from taking up certain roles higher up. There was a dent in his confidence. When I did dig deeper into the issue, he said “Satish, I studied in a rural area. Hence, I do not have a really good command over the language. This has inturn made me a very poor communicator. Now, to get to ‘X’ goal, I need to be an excellent communicator too. However, I am feeling that it’s too late to work on my weakness. Infact, I feel very low in this area.”

Now, remember that Kiran may have some drawback. You may have something else. There is no reason why you should not pick up the required life-skills now. As I mentioned, everybody may not have had the opportunity to strengthen their life-skills at the right time. So what? Work on it now. There is no time which is “more right” than NOW!

Never shy away from such challenges. Work on it and then share your story proudly with others. Trust me! You will infact end up inspiring several others to take similar steps because there will be a whole lot of silent sufferers out there who are just waiting for an opportunity to drop the shyness mask and move ahead. You be the driver for that positive change!

You can also refer one of my previous blogs to find out how not doing the right things atleast now can affect you going forward.

5.    Work-Life Balance Is Not A Myth. It Just Needs Work

Enough has been spoken about work-life balance. There are a section of people who believe that it exists and those who do not believe so and infact have a hearty laugh whenever they hear that term. The point here is not whether it exists or not, whether it is a myth or a reality – it is just that work-life balance is a basic need and one needs to work on it to make it happen.

So, instead of mulling over it – whether it does work or not – focus on making it work. Trust me! It is not very easy and there is certainly a lot of work that does go into making it work. However, the end-result is a stronger and happier you! When you are happy in the home-front, you will be more productive in your work-place. When things go well at the work-place, you will have peace of mind in the home-front. This is work-life balance which each one of us do need.

How can you go about it? Observe 24 hours of your day. Identify the time and energy wasters. Utilize that time for the better. Follow steps 1 to 4. When you are in control of your own life, work-life balance slowly and automatically happens.

Now, after following the above steps you will definitely be in control of your life and career. This way, you can focus on fitting into the organizational flow. Which … you will!

After all, strong individuals do make an organization strong!

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Co-Authored By Sushma Krishnan (Co-Founder, High Performance Alchemy)