Are You In A Career Slump? These 7 Strategies Should Lift You Up

When I share this figure in my Leadership Interventions or during my coaching engagement that, almost 70 % Indians are disengaged at work most are surprised.

However, remember that high paying jobs or even fancy designations does not guarantee an individual to be highly engaged at work. Over the years I have worked with hundreds of Executives who are in a job and have become comfortable but are finding it extremely challenging to take the steps required to be engaged at work.

If you are someone who can relate to these thoughts, then do listen carefully. The more time you spend in a job which you do not enjoy, the deeper you are sinking. I have seen more than enough people who tell themselves that they do enjoy the job, but the opposite is true.

If you feel you do fall in the 70 Percent of people who are not engaged, then today is the time to take some massive action and the year 2018 should be your “break-free” year. I am sharing the 7 strategies which I do use with my high paying clients, which once implemented will propel you in the right direction in no time. Here it goes.

Accept The Truth

One of the most common traps I do see in my profession as an Executive Coach is that, often people do not accept the truth. Sometimes it is next to impossible to look in the mirror into your eyes and convince yourself that the job you are in is what you really love to do for the next couple of decades.

Even though it is next to impossible to lie to your own conscious with an exception of a few people, this is exactly what you need to do right now at this moment.

Once you do come to terms with this false belief which is like a mirage, then it is that much easier to take the necessary steps to step out of the comfort zone. Yes, I am giving you a heads-up that you will find it difficult if you walk this path but believe me at the end of the day it will be worth it.

Find Your Passion

If you do not know what is your passion, then you are a drift wood. You are just going where the current is taking you. Each one of us are passionate about something in life and that should be your focus area in the next couple of days to find it.

The journey of finding out what really excites me is something which I took close to a decade back. When I was in a comfortable job just like you with all the perks and a fancy designation, I did undertake the journey of self-realization to exactly find out what is my own calling and will be my profession for the next couple of decades at the least.

I found my answer, and this is exactly what I have been doing for the last decade. What is yours? You can find it out only when you break your chain which is holding you back.

This fabulous article by Barton Goldsmith is all about how to find your passion.

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Explore The World 

Satish, I do not know what to do, but one thing I do know is that I am not enjoying my job anymore. It’s a struggle to get out of bed and head to work. These are some of the most common words I do hear from Sr Executives who have put in more than 2 decades of time in the corporate world on an average.

What I tell them is to explore the world. Only when you move in the direction of your passion, the world will open to you. There is unlimited access to knowledge today and with a twitch of the thumb, you can explore the opportunities available.

I gently nudge my own clients to seek information either digitally or physically and help them explore the opportunities. Even spending 15 minutes twice a day for couple of weeks will bring in some surprising results which you cannot fathom.

Starting Over Is Scary

I will be lying to you if I did tell you that I was never scared before I began my own journey. Walking the path of the less travelled is exhilarating, but also has its own set of challenges.

However, this should never ever deter you from taking the first step in this direction. I always tell this to my clients that it is never too late to start anything. I began High Performance Alchemy in my 30s and never ever felt for a single day that I was starting it late.

All your experiences over the years will help you more than you could ever have imagined. My own time in the corporate world in the higher echelon of the organizations did help me immensely in my own journey.

You are unique and always remember that you will bring in your own unique talent & perspective into whatever you are setting up to do soon in the near future.

One my earlier blogs does throw some light on what holds back people from doing what they really want to.

Make Time For The Things You Love

Each one of us do have 24 hours in a day and the ones who make the most of it are those who value their time and make every second count in a day.

So, my friend stop giving excuses of having no time. Do what you can right now to change your own career trajectory. Believe me no one will come and do it for you.

I worked with a Sr Vice president during the early part of this year and even though he had a day filled with so many things he still managed to put in just 15 minutes twice a day towards his passion.

When I did speak to him last week to check as to how he was doing he said ‘Satish now I am spending almost an hour on my passion and the best part is that he was so jazzed up now as to which direction he is heading.

He did say that when he is working on his passion. He is so much connected that he is also valuing his other work around him. This is the secret and nothing more to it.

Execution Is Where Most Fail 

Having an intent and creating a plan is nothing if you do not have a clear strategy in place to execute the same. Most of the time in working on one’s passion is spent in execution and that is where your energy must be directed.

This is where I see most people failing and that is when you would require to work with someone to be more accountable. Being accountable and talking through your challenge will help you gain more clarity and purpose.

This is one of the primary reasons as to why working with a Professional Life Coach can improve your success rate exponentially.

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Take Action

All these will mean nothing if you do not take any action. Only when you fold your sleeves and get into the trenches is when you build momentum.

Having a plan, a great intent and a professional coach by your side to walk with you means nothing if there is no action from your side.

Every small action even if it is minuscule will go a long way in conditioning your mind to do the right things on a consistent basis. When I work with my clients this is the area I do focus the most. What action is happening on the ground.

I do keep each one of them accountable. Even though quite a few fail in this area the ones who pass all these barriers are the ones whom you do see as the successful entrepreneurs, Women executives and Top-notch executives.

These are the ones who have put in hours by being consistent in their action steps and not giving excuses. The question is are you ready for this ride? Working less than an hour can help you gain so much momentum in finding your passion, which you would not have managed in decades.

If yes, then I will be more than happy to ride with you in helping you work in this area of challenge. Click on the link to schedule an Introductory call with me and we can hit the ground running in no time.

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Satish Rao is an Author, Speaker & Life Coach. He does Facilitate Leadership Interventions for teams across the globe.