Food intake can make or break you

Are you aware that the food you consume, can have a massive impact on your productivity at the physical & Emotional level by 20-30 percent at the very least?

Like automobiles which run on good fuel, it is the quality, quantity & timing of our food which helps each one of us, be at our best. This is one of the reasons I give “paramount importance” to the food intake of my clients, when I begin to work on their biggest challenges. By changing your food intake you can literally change your life.

 Even though the other two factors – adequate sleep & exercise are important, I am touching upon the important challenge of good nutrition. Read on to find more –

Food and your Emotions:

Food plays a critical role in your emotions and how you react to your environment, since it flushes our blood with the required nutrients. Technically the food each one of us eats will eventually power our brain to either focus or lose our focus. Now when you are not giving due importance to your food intake, I am certain that you are getting derailed more often than not at the emotional level.

Luckily the most important aspect you need to be aware is that you are absolutely in control of what and when you eat. Stick to the thumb rule and eat healthy.You can read my previous blogs on Eating healthy to begin.

Food and Discipline:

When you begin to discipline your food intake, it spreads to other areas of your life. Now this can be an extremely empowering habit to inculcate, since most of us are trying to overcome a couple of challenges which are more often than not interconnected. Knowing this, I usually interpolate the good habits developed in one area to work on other equally important ones.

So by conditioning yourself in one area, you are technically working on a couple of them.How is this for Multitasking?

Today’s food can make your tomorrow:

What this means is that by focusing on your food intake, you are not only doing yourself a favour but also helping your future generations set up their own Emotional Wellbeing. With young parents especially reading this, remember your kids pick up things from each one of you.

When you are not following the above points as an adult, how do you expect your children to follow the same. Therefore if you are looking at being an example to your kids, then it is time to walk the path of eating healthy from this moment onwards.

Even though I have touched upon food intake many times in my previous blogs, I am not sure if I have emphasised so much on the emotional aspect. I am convinced that by changing your food patterns, you are in a better position to create positive neural pathways in your Subconscious mind.

This will help you inculcate new empowering habits. In fact this is exactly what I do with my clients, when they are struggling with their Emotional challenges. I work on this aspect with other proven result oriented techniques which are guaranteed to help.

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