Step up on your Health Quotient

Being healthy is not just about eating right & hitting the gym 4-5 times a week. There is more to this, than what most comprehend. Being healthy is more of a choice than a chance. This post addresses what each …

Some lessons learnt as I walked away from a car crash

In more than two decades of driving, I’ve never had a serious accident. Occasionally the thought did occur to me and I came close to this two days back. An overspending hatchback rear ended our vehicle, which was pulled off …

How to overcome negative thoughts and turn it positive

Getting negative thoughts is very common  but being aware  and working on overcoming it is what every one should work on diligently.What made me put on a thinking cap was a conversation   I overheard  of a young person in the

How to stick to your Goals when Life does act up

Have you ever been gung ho on a great exercise plan, lifestyle or even a habit change and all of a sudden an unforeseen crisis in life like an accident or a promotion comes up. Everything you have built around

Best way to deal with detractors

Detractors are always a part of our life. They could exist in the office, social circles or even in our own homes. Basically it is very important for each one of us to learn about how to identify detractors and