Smart Food Rules to Live by

Do you go through a guilt trip & saddled with Emotions, when you slip up on your food intake? Well, you will be surprised to know that most of us follow ancient advice, when it comes to food intake & …

How is your relationship with food?

What I have seen over the years with most people I have come in contact with, is that most of them relate any problem in life to food. I see a trend of emotional eating highly prevalent especially with the …

Can you help me gain weight?

Off late I get many queries from people who, yes you read it right, want to gain weight. No I am not talking about Martians here, but people like you and me who are slightly different because their body structure …

How to stick to your Goals when Life does act up

Have you ever been gung ho on a great exercise plan, lifestyle or even a habit change and all of a sudden an unforeseen crisis in life like an accident or a promotion comes up. Everything you have built around

Trying to eat healthy? Make a lifestyle change

It is one thing to change your food habits and another to stick to it. Most of the time when we change our meal plan from super rich, deep fried and heavily coated outside food to bland food which is