Turn your Frustrating Life into a Great one

Are you one or know of someone who has reached a stage in life, where nothing works as planned. Do you see the simplest things, frustrating you and sending you off towards self pity?

Well you are not alone. Most of us at a point of time, come face to face with similar situations. I remember working with a Client couple of year’s back, who did feel more often than not nothing going her way from the time she did wake up.

Even the simplest things I remember, she telling me seem to create great difficulty. The only thing she wanted to do earlier, before reaching out to me was to crawl back into bed & call it a day.

However if you feel that you are stuck in this position for too long, then it is time to look at life with a different set of lenses. To begin with –

Look at yourself in the future:

When I make my clients look into the future and ask them to visualize doing the things they are doing today, they fail to make a connection. This is because they do not intend to do these things for the next couple of years. The best option is to envision one’s future exactly the way, you do want it to happen.

There is magic in Powerful Visualization & in this case, it floods our sub conscious mind with positive energy & hope. Most lack this, when they are in the frustration mode. Powerful Visualization is the most effective way, to create positive Neural Pathways in our Sub conscious mind.

Look at daily inspirations:

For me inspirations are crucial to ignite my own passions. I look for inspiration, in the smallest of things. When one conditions our mind to seek out inspiration or inspiring people, the universe colludes in more ways than one to bring it in front of you.

What I have seen with people who are frustrated is that, they do the same things repeatedly with very little success – Be it in a 9-5 job or even in human relationships. Working to be inspired, in my opinion gives one a great opportunity to create an amazing insight, which will make the day complete.

Count your own blessings:

More often than not, each one of us are so blessed with so much opportunities that we fail to notice & acknowledge them. A small exercise of jotting it down & looking at it as a reference will make us dwell into the area of “Attitude of Gratitude”.

It is always easy not to feel poor, when we have so many things with us. Remember that training your mind in this area, takes time and therefore it is prudent to begin small & step up as you move towards your destination.

Appreciate people around you:

There is magic in being appreciative. When was the last time you appreciated someone genuinely from the bottom of your heart? I make it a point to at least appreciate 2 people in a day. The day I do not end up appreciating anybody, I feel itchy.

Appreciation is one of the easiest things to do, to help you light up. You will instantly tend to feel better and sooner than later, you will be heading in the opposite direction of being frustrated for the day.

Breaking patterns & set ways of thinking is more in the mind, rather than in the physical environment. It is our responsibility to ensure that we do not stay frustrated for long, but do whatever it takes to move out of this space.

One thing I will guarantee you is that, you will be more than Thankful, when these points become a part of your thinking and you will do it without any effort.

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