Work on change at your Operating system

What  comes to your mind when I talk about change at your  Operating System? When I use the words ‘Operating system’ with regard to lasting change, people connect immediately because we know that for a smart phone or a computer to function at an optimum level, It’s OS is the key

Lasting change or behaviors are very much a matter of personal choice,which lies within each one of our Sub conscious mind, which I refer to as our Operating System. When I work with people who come to me to work on some of their biggest challenges, be it being more effective, assertive or even healthy, I operate at this level. Hence some of the biggest changes begin to happen effectively.

I am touching upon the area where by working on one’s operating software, you can work towards building the life you envision.

When clients approach me either through word of mouth or by reading my thoughts in my  published Articles, Blogs or my Facebook page, they have already taken the first step in moving out of their mental block. They have taken a decision to work on some of their biggest challenges,which if left unattended would surely derail them.

According to me, it is critical that this shift happens in a person who is working on course correction in his/her life. Ultimately I believe that people need to manage their own life so well in all areas, that others look up to them as a role model.

Some of the way’s one can work on reprogramming their own operating system or the sub conscious mind are through the following steps  –

Allow positive exposure: When you feed your mind with positive affirmations, visuals or data then your mind begins to work towards it by creating neural pathways. I am a big advocate of the logic, that regular positive affirmations through hearing, seeing and experiencing positive things on a regular basis will drive the words into your subconscious mind, as the new operating instructions.

Any message through any of the mediums repeated again & again in spirit of faith, acceptance, and belief will eventually be accepted by your subconscious mind. Hence I share a lot of positive affirmations on a daily basis through my own website and Facebook Fan page.

Visualize your success: I mention this often that whatever happens, does happen twice. Once in the mind as an image and then eventually in reality. By visualization, you are creating the images, which eventually will influence your behavior. Remember that your operating system is influenced to a greater extent through images. Begin to see yourself in every area of your life as being highly effective.See yourself as being the best and experiencing the feeling.

See people around you acknowledging you for the things you are doing. Recall and recreate memories and pictures of yourself when you were performing at your best. The more you practice doing things in your Sub conscious mind, the more rapidly this will become a part of your thinking and behavior later on. For a step by step process of Visualization do check my previous Blog on the same topic.

Be your own hero:If this sounds familiar to some, well it is also the subject of one of my previous Blogs. Well in this case, It is slightly different when it comes to working on change at your  operating system. Begin by seeing your favorite hero/heroine performing the things which you always wanted to do, in your own mental screen. Feel the experience; hear the voices, touch and sight.

Then just step into the movie, become the person and see yourself doing the whole thing. Remember your mind does not make out what is real and imagined. Eventually your actions, which are under your direct control, will foster a mindset or the belief in your subconscious mind, that is consistent with it.

Model yourself against the best: If you are looking at being the best sportsman, businessman or any professional, look at someone in the same field who excels in the things which you are aspiring for. Follow the patterns he/she is following & begin to incorporate it in your own life. It is easy to model successful people because they always share their success stories. Begin to walk, talk and breathe like them and ultimately this will be a part of your own ingrained habits.

Many of the most effective people around us have reached their positions by modelling themselves in their earlier years after someone who was already extremely effective, someone they admired and respected for qualities they wanted to develop in themselves. Therefore  it is no different for you and me.

I do hope that the last few paragraphs have given you an insight in terms of how working at your OS will ensure that there are long lasting changes which will turn out to be extremely effective. Will look forward to hear from you in terms of how you have managed Lasting changes in your own life on my Face book fan page or at my mail Id