Make Your Day Focused,Humble and Productive

This Weird Little Hack Makes You 2X Productive Almost Instantaneously

Are you struggling to stay focussed and productive?

Then, I have an easy to use weird little hack that will make you 2X more productive almost instantaneously.

But before

Turn your Frustrating Life into a Great one

Are you one or know of someone who has reached a stage in life, where nothing works as planned. Do you see the simplest things, frustrating you and sending you off towards self pity?

Well you are not alone. Most …

Overcome Stress before it overcomes you

Stress more often than not is bound to keep us on our feet. Over the years, most of us have allowed it to become a Frankenstein within each of us. If you are feeling numb, indecisive, suffering from weight issues …

Work on your body to improve any situation

Are you stressed out due to situations around you and feel that you are walking through a minefield most part of the day? Well at most times when you begin to work things from the inside, you give yourself a …

Simple strategies to flip around your Life completely.

Working with a substantial number of people, over the years, in helping them change their lives has made me absolutely certain that there are clear strategies one can do to improve. These are – think more positively, be more focused …

Why discipline is the key to be successful

Over the last couple of weeks I have observed that some of the most successful people, be it in sports or in the corporate world have been sabotaging their success. The one glaring common feature I have noticed with people …

How to find the magical key for a happy relationship

Off late I come across many people with serious relationship issues. Even worse is that they are not doing anything about it. Sometimes these relationships involve two people in a marriage living under the same roof but living different lives. …

Some great ways to be happy by being Selfless

When I saw a car owner chastising a parking attendant yesterday for a trivial issue which could have been ignored, I realized that by being a little forgiving the young gentleman in his flashy car could have made his evening …

Overcome Fear to make it your best partner

Last week while conversing with a good friend of mine, she mentioned that she did something unimaginable to overcome her fear. She was so jazzed about it and said that it was the best day of her life when she

How to ensure your Life is always organised

It is rare to find a person who is organised in every area of his/her life. At times one tends to be extremely organised at work but the exact opposite regarding their domestic front. I have been working on being

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